Industrial applications

Continuous band sealing

Production rate and quality of sealing

Continuous sealing is a heat sealing process with a continuous flow of bags for sealing.
This solution makes it possible to mass produce bags at a higher throughput rate than with a machine operating on a piece by piece basis.

The technique enables the sealing of all types of heat-sealable bags (PE/PP/PA-PE/KRAFT/ALU) regardless of the thickness of the materials used. It can also be used to seal heat-sealable cardboard hoppers.

Bags are pinched between 2 strips of teflon that are used both to insulate and to move the bag forward.
Conveyor speed is always synchronized with the teflon belt speed.
Bags are fed between 2 heating units, the distance defining the pressure to be exerted to make the seal.
The seal is then cooled through 2 cooling units and the bags exit by means of serrated belts and conveyor belt.

To obtain good quality sealing, it is necessary to adjust the temperature and the speed of the bags.

Available in horizontal and vertical versions, for square bottom stand-up bags or pouches (Doypack).
Application fields include: production of biscuits, confectionery or chocolates, roasting businesses, herbalists…
Allows the welding of heat-sealable cardboard hoppers with bags, especially for frozen products.

  • Seals all types of heat-sealable bags (PE/PP/PA-PE/KRAFT/ALU) regardless of thickness and heat sealable cardboard hoppers.
  • Seamlessly waterproof 10 mm weld
  • Allows high speed processing
  • Possibility to seal bags in horizontal or vertical position
  • Adjustable speed of up to 10 m/min.
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