Food applications

Tray sealing

A simple and economical packaging technique to totally seal your trays thus protecting their contents, making them attractive and enhancing the value of products.

CCM has manual or semi-automatic machines available suitable for butchers, caterers, supermarkets as also for take-away sales outlets and meal carrying systems.



  • Can be used to seal any types of tray
  • More economical than trays with lids
  • Good display and enhancement of products
  • Can be used for direct heating in trays
  • Protects against external contamination
  • 100% stainless steel, easy to clean and compliant with food industry standards
  • Low investment


  • Convenience, can be frequently and easily used
  • Automatic lowering of heating head for improved frequency and quality of sealing
  • Constant pressure for better sealing
  • Capable of sealing up to 8 trays per cycle
  • High Yield
  • Easy format changeover
  • Possibility of contour cutting