Food applications

Vacuum packaging technology


  • Basic principle:
    Vacuum packaging consists of removing air charged with bacteria from a package to protect and preserve its contents: food, household, industrial and other products.
    Vacuum packaging of foodstuffs is a very useful preservation technique in supermarkets, restaurants and even in industrial and medical environments.
    This preservation technique slows down the growth of many bacteria that need oxygen to proliferate.
    Vacuum packaging stops the input of oxygen and micro-organisms responsible for fermentation that lead to food deterioration and contamination.
    In industry, vacuum packaging is used to protect products from oxidation resulting from the input of air or moisture. It protects products during carriage and storage while reducing volume. It also protects products from deterioration.
  • Preservation:
    Vacuum packaging optimizes the preservation of food, household and industrial products.
    The shelf life of vacuum-packaged food products is approximately 3 to 5 times longer than that of food packaged by other methods.
    The organization of the workforce around vacuum packaging is improved, work managementoptimized and costs reduced:

    • Optimizes procurements management
    • Enables efficient work planning
    • Reduce waste, increases savings
    • Increases product range for customers
    • Increases space management in cold storage rooms
    • Preserves products hygienically, without altering qualities or properties
    • Prevents water loss from products thus limiting weight loss of products for sale
  • Hygiene
    The vacuum-packed product is isolated from the outside environment and protected from contamination that can alter its appearance, shorten its lifespan and alter its natural flavours.
    Vacuum-packaging of food means products whose hygiene will be stable over time can be displayed for sale.
  • Quality
    From preservation to cooking, vacuum packaging preserves the organoleptic properties of products (vitamins, aromas, flavours…) and their natural colour and consistency.
    Vacuum packaging is the best option for obtaining products that retain their original colour, smell and taste.
  • Freshness
    When you open a vacuum-packed product, you will see it has lost nothing of its original freshness and weight (loss of water significantly reduced).
    Indeed, by packaging a product under vacuum, you prevent its drying out and consequently its loss of weight. Storage time can be up to 5 times longer.
  • Apperance
    Keeping the original aspect of the product is crucial and decisive in the act of purchasing, as the visual image is highly important!!! Texture is important, too.
  • Protected from odours and leaks from exudates

Vacuum packaging requires a reinjection of neutral gas, more for the display of products than for their preservation.
The ambient air is removed and replaced in the bag by a neutral gas compound to extend the lifespan of the product but, above all, re-injection of gas prevents damage to the product (e. g. fresh pasta, salad, raw vegetables, etc.) thus contributing to a better presentation.