Industrial applications

L-sealing with or without shrink film

A neat presentation and high gloss film

A technique used to produce packaging from thermo-shrinkable or non-shrinkable dosed film.

The operating mode is simple, the product is inserted between the two sides of the measuring film and pushed by the operator into the sealing frame.
Depending on the type of machine, the sealing jaw is lowered manually or automatically and simultaneously seals and cuts the “L” shaped film thus forming a hermetically sealed product wrapping.

Depending on the purpose of the application, the product can exit into a shrink tunnel to expose the film to a flow of hot air to shrink and laminate the film onto the product.

This filming technique produces a neat display of the product while ensuring its protection, because depending on the quality of the film used, tear resistance can be significant.

This type of packaging can also be used to package products in batches of different sizes.

The applications are also varied in the field of food processing, industry, printing, framing, etc….

  • Allows you to work directly from a spool
  • Easy format changeover from one spool to another
  • Pack ejection belt (depending on models)
  • Flexibility of use
  • Good speed of delivery