Food applications

Modified atmosphere technology

Packaging method for product requirements and extended shelf life. The procedure involves changing the air (naturally charged with bacteria) contained in the tray by injecting a neutral, natural gas, such as nitrogen to ensure no risk of contamination.
This process slows down bacterial growth in the tray to lengthen product lifespan.
It also bears the designation “protected atmosphere” or “vacuum and gas” packaging.

This type of packaging is especially suitable for products like fish, cooked meals, delicatessen or sausages.
For the wrapping of meat, oxygen is injected to retain its original colouring and keep it fresh.
This process targets industry as a whole, catering services, supermarkets and take-way retail outlets.

  • Increases lifespan with preservative-free technique
  • Enhances product aspect by retaining freshness, colour and shape
  • Reduces waste
  • Production optimization
  • No impact on freshness, aspect or taste
  • Hygienic packaging to preserve food quality
  • Packaging easy to store and handle